The Truth: An Eye-Opening Odyssey Through Love Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Extraordinary Relationships, Paperback/Neil Strauss

Brand: Dey Street Books

"One of the 33 books everyone should reading before turning 30." -- The Independent " I am not the hero in this story . . . I am the villain." In this highly acclaimed and revelatory classic, New York Times and Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss embarks on a deeply personal quest to discover why the rate of infidelity, divorce, and marital unhappiness is so high - and what we can do about it. In this quest to heal his intimacy issues, he explores love addiction and love avoidance; sex addiction and sex anorexia; enmeshment and abandonment; and, most importantly, why so many people attract the partners most likely to wound them. What he discovers about himself--and what you will discover about yourself and your partners from reading this--will change the way you date, love, and commit.