Thief in the Interior, Paperback/Phillip B. Williams

Brand: Alice James Books

"This gorgeous debut is a 'debut' in chronology only. . . . Need is everywherein the unforgiving images, in lines so delicate they seem to break apart in the hands, and in the reader who will enter these poems and never want to leave."Adrian Matejka Phillip B. Williams investigates the dangers of desire, balancing narratives of addiction, murders, and hate crimes with passionate, uncompromising depth. Formal poems entrenched in urban landscapes crack open dialogues of racism and homophobia rampant in our culture. Multitudinous voices explore one's ability to harm and be harmed, which uniquely juxtaposes the capacity to revel in both experiences. "Epithalamium": A kiss. Train ride home from a late dinner, City Hall and document signing. Wasn't cold but we cuddled in an empty car, legal. Last month a couple of guys left a gay bar and were beaten with poles on the way to their car. No one called them faggot so no hate crime's documented. A beat down is what some pray for, a pulse left to count. We knew we weren't protected. We knew our rings were party favors, gold to steal the shine from. We couldn't protect us, knew the law wouldn't know how. Still, his beard across my brow, the burn of his cologne. When the train stopped, the people came on. Phillip B. Williams has authored two chapbooks: "Bruised Gospels "(Arts in Bloom Inc.) and "Burn "(YesYes Books). A Cave Canem graduate, he received scholarships from Bread Loaf Writers Conference and a Ruth Lilly Fellowship. His work appeared or is forthcoming in "Callaloo," " Poetry," the "Southern Review," " West Branch ," and others. Phillip received his MFA in Writing as a Chancellor's Graduate Fellow at the Washington University in St. Louis. He is the poetry editor of "Vinyl Poetry." "