Tokyo Fashion City: A Detailed Guide to Tokyo's Trendiest Fashion Districts, Paperback/Philomena Keet image0
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Tokyo Fashion City: A Detailed Guide to Tokyo's Trendiest Fashion Districts, Paperback/Philomena Keet

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Description The fashionable, eccentric pedestrians of Tokyo are captured with hundreds of portrait photographs in this fun guide to Tokyo street fashion. Tokyo is considered one of the world's style capitals for its vibrant youth fashion culture. Part guidebook, part fashion photography album, Tokyo Fashion City takes a stroll through eight Tokyo neighborhoods, each with its own unique fashion characteristics, to see what streetwise young Tokyoites are wearing, where they're shopping, what they're eating and drinking, and where they're hanging out. Author Philomena Keet and photographer Yuri Manabe accompany the reader to a number of unique Tokyo neighborhoods, including: Harajuku where high fashion rubs shoulders with hip-hop style Shibuya, birthplace of the "gal" and stomping ground for Tokyo's most sophisticated fashionistas Hipster hangout Daikanyama The goth and geek meccas of Shinjuku and Ikebukuro Bohemian Koenji and otaku neighborhood Nakano Ginza's lunching ladies and dapper gentlemen The cosplay paradise of Akihabara The narrow lanes of East Tokyo, where everyday Japanese fashion gets a traditional touch Each chapter is packed with photographs of young fashionistas captured as they go about their daily lives, with info-rich captions, and insightful text giving the background to the trends and tribes featured. With the inclusion of area maps, and shop and cafe listings, Tokyo Fashion City is an indispensable resource for readers wishing to keep a finger on Tokyo's style pulse. About the Author Philomena Keet is a British anthropologist with a PhD in Tokyo Street Fashion from London University SOAS. She lives in Tokyo with her Japanese husband and two children. Yuri Manabe is a Tokyo-based photographer whose distinctive portraits have appeared in a variety of prestigious music and fashion magazines, including Marie-Claire and GQ . He and Keet are the writer/photographer team behind the popular Tokyo Look Book (Kodansha International, 2007), which was acclaimed for its presentation of "groundbreaking street fashion" ( Elle magazine) and "great captions" ( Vogue ).