Train Your Fascia Tone Your Body: The Successful Method to Form Firm Connective Tissue, Paperback/Divo Muller

Brand: Meyer & Meyer Media

Fasciae are a building network in our body that give us support, structure, and form. Whether a thigh looks tightly stretched or rather like jelly basically depends on the tone of the fibrous connective tissue--the fascia--which surrounds it. Therefore, we must train fasciae in addition to muscles. Only then do we have a well-formed and firm body shape, and training fasciae is the only consistent way to get rid of cellulite, bat wings, and a flabby bottom. Not only does training your fasciae ensure a fit body, but it also enables you to move with juvenile elasticity, easily and painlessly. In cooperation with Dr. Robert Schleip, a renowned researcher of fascia, Divo Muller has developed new exercises for people who have rather weak connective tissue. Her new full-body program is presented in this clearly illustrated guide.