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Type 2 Diabetes Cure. Natural Treatments that will Prevent and Reverse Diabetes A Type 2 Diabetes Cure Really Is Possible Can You Cure Diabetes? With diet and lifestyle changes it's possible to maintain normal glucose levels and reverse insulin resistance. As long as the pancreas is still producing sufficient insulin, you can reverse type 2 diabetes. Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes? If so you're probably feeling a little shocked and upset. Yes, diabetes is a serious illness, but you certainly don't have to live with it for the rest of your life. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a few lifestyle changes. Maybe you're a bit worried about developing type 2 diabetes. Perhaps someone in your family has the condition, or you have other risk factors, such as metabolic syndrome? If so, you can definitely avoid becoming a diabetes statistic by following the advice in this book. Who am I and why should you listen to me? I have a diploma in holistic health therapy and have done extensive research into natural cures for diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and other auto-immune diseases as well as complaints such as insomnia, anxiety and stress. Although you probably already know that diet and a sedentary lifestyle have probably contributed towards your condition, it's certainly not easy to make the lifestyle changes you will undoubtedly now have to make. This is why I have included a section in the book on "mindset". You'll need to get your mind onside and working for you so your healthy lifestyle changes will seem a lot easier to make. You'll also discover... The best and latest supplements to help you to reverse your condition What foods are best to eat and what foods you should never eat An easy little tip to get rid of sugar cravings Why it's not a good idea to simply take medication for the rest of your life, and... A ten minute exercise to burn fat fast! There is also an added chapter on sweeteners - both artificial and natural. Find out which are the best and worst to use and why. As your condition improves, you'll probably be able to cut down on your diabetes medication, if you are already using it. However, never do this without first consulting your health care provider.