Ultimate Parkinson's Tips to Walk Faster, Stand Up, Unfreeze, Turn in Bed, and More, Paperback/Graham O'Connor

Brand: Lulu.com

Description This book is to help Parkinson's sufferers who have reached the stage where the following symptoms have been occurring: slow movement (Bradykinesia), shuffling walk, challenges walking uphill, difficulty going up and down stairs, trouble getting out of or turning in bed, trouble getting off the couch or out of a chair, difficulty standing up, constipation and bowel movement issues, freezing of legs, and trouble initiating movement in arms. The techniques that will be demonstrated in this book provide from 30 to 40% improvement in movement while the technique is in use. Sometimes it feels like more for things such as climbing the stairs. The techniques will increase your ability to do many things and may make you feel more confident in public. There is nothing hard about the techniques and the more you practice them the better for your body and mind.