Weaving on the 2ft Square Loom: A Collection of Plaids, Paperback/Ashli Couch

Brand: Stoney Meadows Alpaca/Stone Mountain Looms

Description When Theresa and I first started in this fiber business, we started at Celtic Festivals. Our love for everything Irish, Scottish, and Welsh has only grown each year we attend these events. What better way to spend a weekend than running around in traditional clothes, drinking out of tankards, and watching the Highland Games? Not to mention all the wonderful plaids To honor our beginnings, we have put together a pattern book of plaids for you Our plaids are made of both traditional and modern colors ranging from beginner plaids to advanced plaids. Once again Theresa and I have tried our hardest to provide you with easy to read and follow along instructions for starting, working on, and finishing your square loom. We've included over 18 different plaids for the 2ft square May you make many beautiful projects on your loom -Ashli and Theresa Included in this book: How to start, weave, and finish your square loom 18+ 2ft Square Loom Plaid Patterns 6 Different Design Ideas Bonus Projects