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Weight Loss Surgery Success: Secrets You Must Know about Gastric Bypass, Paperback/Orleatha Smith M. Ed

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Kindle description: After enduring many health issues and feeling that she was at the end of her rope, Orleatha Smith had gastric bypass surgery in 2009. Post-op, she followed every rule to the letter and, at the one year mark, she lost over 80 pounds - but her health issues did not completely resolve; and then the scale started to creep up. Scared and afraid, she used her background in Biology and her training in human behavior to look for an answer. What she discovered helped her to shed what she had regained as well as 30 more pounds. Not only that, but she regained her health: Her acute eczema has been under control without the use of corticosteroids. The tendinitis in her Achilles has vanished. She hasn't had an asthma attack since making these changes. Her once super-irregular cycle is like clockwork - and not a cramp in sight She wakes up before the alarm clock daily - with energy to spare She wrote this book to share what she's learned over the years. She wants to share the very things that your surgeon or nutritionist might not have known to tell you. Orleatha sincerely wants to eliminate the headache and fear to help you find your success after weight loss surgery. About the Author: Foremost, Orleatha is a wife and home schooling mother to two elementary school children. Orleatha can relate to most people's journey because she tried prescription diet drugs, every weight-loss plan ever known to man including counting everything from grams to points and eventually gastric bypass surgery - and the weight just kept coming back. It wasn't until Orleatha realized that health is a multi-faceted journey that Orleatha began to truly regain her health. Orleatha has been featured in popular publications such as First For Women Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and in The Paleo Miracle: 50 Real Stories of Health Transformation. She founded Level Health and Nutrition with the intent for it to be a hub of wellness resources that focus on real food and holistic health. Orleatha recently released my second cookbook - Cooking Against The Grain - Sweet Revenge (a follow up to Cooking Against The Grain - a cookbook designed to help people cook LESS while maintaining a grain-free lifestyle) Orleatha is a C.H.E.K trained Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Orleatha holds a degree in secondary science education, a biology teaching credential, and Master's degree in Education. Orleatha is also a certified facilitator for Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You can find her hanging out on Google+, Facebook and sometimes Twitter