When God Calls, Say Yes!: A Physician's Experience of Mystical Guidance, Paperback/Jon Mundy Phd

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Description In my memoir WHEN GOD CALLS, SAY "YES " I share my first childhood memories of mystical events. Later in life, once I was in medical school, these mystical events became more frequent. I started to see and hear Christ in the ER where I worked as a physician, and there He guided me to help save many people's lives. When I later became a hospice director, Christ helped me care for patients and then guided them home to heaven. In the book, I discuss the unreality of death and dying in detail, citing multiple patient cases. Meeting God is another major topic of the book. I share what it is like to be held by God and look into His eyes and feel His Love for me. Eventually I realized that God and I are one. In time, I was asked to join Jesus and others to bless the world. Finally, in closing, I have given suggestions about what worked for me in the process I call Awakening. In this small book, I have included several poems, letters to friends, and examples of Christ talking with me. What I learned is that Christ's help is readily available to everyone whenever we ask for it. But the main point that I am making in this book is how much God Loves us and is waiting for us to wake up Be at peace... Love, Rod